le 28 janvier

January 28th, 2008

- Students handed back their projects on “La maison/L’appartement”.  I will be grading them and handing them back soon. -  Students were given a list of items in the “Salon” and in the “Cuisine”.  They will be tested on the “vocabulaire”. - Les devoirs:  Les pages 34 et 35 du cahier (Writing activities workbook) 

7th grade – Chapitre 8 – Mots 2 study guide

January 19th, 2008

Date du quiz – mecredi, le 23 janvier

1. Vocabulaire page 264 et 265

2. Étudiez les verbes suivants:

Pouvoir, vouloir, croire, voir, mettre, prendre aller, sortir, finir, partir, servir, choisir, remplir, dormir et atterrir
Note: Pouvoir, vouloir, croire, voir, mettre, prendre, aller are from the previous chapter – so these you probably know very well. I will also include ramasser and décoller.

3. Interrogative adjectives – quel, quels, quelle et quelles
tout, tous, toute et toutes
(page 270)

The quiz will be in the usual format – identifying pictures, translating sentences, and fill in the blanks.

Bonne chance

6th grade – quiz – vendredi, le 11 octobre

January 7th, 2008

Révision pour le quiz – mots 1 – Chapitre 4 – les pages 112- 115.

Students who have not completed assignments need to hand them in as soon as possible otherwise no points will be given to those assignments.