Le 7 décembre – Study guide

December 7th, 2011

Examen – Chapitre 3 – mardi – le 13 décembre

Study guide

1.  Conjugating -er verbs (Aie – you have done so much of this, you could now conjugate these verbs in your sleep)

Note:  Please include the verb “acheter” to this group.

2.  Les fournitures scolaires (Study from the list I gave you – it is also on the blog under Chapitre 3)

3.  Prépositions (à, à la, à l’ et aux)

4.  The verbs “aller”, “faire”, “être” et “avoir”

5.  La négation des articles indéfinis – “pas de…..”

6.  Verbe + infinitif – when the verbs aimer, adorer and détester are followed by another verb, the second erb is in the infinitive form.

7.  There will two passages from the lectures culturelles – La journée de Jacqueline (pages 98 and 99) and Qui travaille on page 100.

8.  There will be no homework assigned for the weekend.  There will be a chapter review on Monday and if you have questions – we could look it up on that day.  Tuesday will be the test.

Lundi – le 5 décembre

December 5th, 2011

Please read the handouts that we discussed in class and do the homework page.  For materials, press on link:

Chapitre 3 – mots 2 (contd)

Jeudi – le premier décembre

December 2nd, 2011

Dialogue 1 and Dialogue 2 – should be memorized for Monday.  Students need to memorize only the dialogue they have been assigned to memorize and only their parts.  These can be accessed from my previous blog entries.  Scroll down to previous entries and look for the dialogues in the packet.

Pages 19 – 24 need to be completed from the Cahier d’activités.  You do not have to do exercise 5 on page 21.