George Saunders

George Saunders writes science fiction-y shorts stories that feel like they could be believably happening right now. There are elements of dystopian literature and dark comedy thrown in. The voice in his stories is unique. The New Yorker has a new interview with him that is a great look at how a writer builds his or her work. If you’re interested in works by Saunders, check out this classic.

Why Writers Should Embrace Amazon’s Takeover of The Publishing Industry

The New Republic has an interesting take on the recent news that Amazon has decided to step into the world of publishing. Maybe we don’t have to fear Amazon’s might afterall?

What Does the National Book Award Stand For? What Should It Stand For?

Given the recent controversy over at the National Book Awards, this article by NPR’s Rachel Syme is particularly relevant.

Swedish Nobel Prize Winner

This year’s Nobel Prize in Literature has gone to a Swedish poet, Tomas Transtromer. The Nobel committee described Transtromer’s work in rather poetic terms: “through his condensed, translucent images, he gives us fresh access to reality.” Transtromer is the first Swedish writer to win this award (itself a Swedish committee) in 40 years.

Moby Dick in Pictures

August 1st was Herman Melville’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Herman!

Matt Kish, a librarian, spent 18 feverish months creating this art-book. Moby Dick was an itch that got in his brain and which he needed to scratch. Mr. Kish, in addition to being a librarian, is an artist. Most of his works have been pushed and hustled through less mainstream avenues of the art world. With Moby Dick in Pictures now in print, this obviously isn’t the case anymore but Mr. Kish still manages to bring his outsider-art sensibilities to this work. Kish uses multiple methods of creating his pieces, from watercolor to crayons on found paper, to illuminate every page of this American classic (Kish used the Signet Classic edition as his source). The end result is something morbid, modern, timeless and beautiful.

Check Out a Laptop at the Circulation Desk

Are all the desktop computers in use? A limited number of laptops are available to check out. See Ms. Paige or Ms. Patnaik.
Remember these guidelines:
1. Library use only.
2. Never leave a laptop unattended.
3. Log out before you return a laptop.
4. The person who checks out the laptop is the one who returns it.
5. SAVE, SAVE & SAVE your work to the network files server or a USB drive.
6. All computer use policies apply to the laptops.


Last year’s trial run of releasing color print jobs was very successful in conserving paper & ink. This year we are extending it to B&W print jobs. Please log in with your LabNet ID at the Print Release Station (located on the printer island) to release all documents sent to RowleyB_W1, RowleyB_W2 and RowleyCOLOR printers.

Also, if you are bringing in your personal laptop, add a library printer and print your docs at school! See Mr. Fuller, Mrs. Volk or Mr. Coronel for help with adding a printer to your queue.

Welcome back!

We hope you all had a great summer and are having a good first week.  Please help us welcome Mr. Coronel, our new library technology coordinator. Mr. Herbert retired this summer and we wish him well.

We are looking forward to helping and seeing you in the library this year!

Summer Lab Creative Writing!

Are you a writer seeking a community? Just in need of some fresh eyes for your writing? This summer, two courses are being offered on creative writing. One is for short stories. In the other, we’ll look at the various options available to you now (blogs, graphic narratives, novels, etc.).

Check out the options through the summer lab webpage.

Odd-Fish, Fan Art

Book club members had a special visit with James Kennedy, Chicago resident and author of THE ORDER OF ODD-FISH, this week.
Things we learned:
1. The book started out as a college short story 10 years ago.
2. Mr. Kennedy has had some fun adventures in Japan.
3. He loves to see visual and edible intepretations of his book.
4. He loves to throw Dome of Doom parties-Saturday, April 17 from 7-9pm.
5. He was interviewed for WBEZ’s Wednesday, April 14 edition of Eight Forty-Eight.
6. There’s an ORDER OF ODD-FISH mixtape!